Oct 2015

I'm absolutely delighted to be announcing a huge upcoming event in Studio Dancewear. On Saturday 7th November, I will be proudly presenting DanceSport Dancewear in The Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow, starting at 10am sharp. This event has been slowly coming together behind the scenes. Over the last 12 months I have been looking around at what's available in Ireland in relation to the dance world in general and one area that has really stuck out to me as being very seriously under-serviced is the DanceSport/Social Dance World. I have had a huge amount of people coming to me wondering if I supply anything from footwear to practice wear to couture wear for everybody from tiny tots to the not so tiny! So, I looked into it even more and I am glad to say that there are a lot of suppliers, generally UK based, that already have a lot of Irish customers who were only too willing to have an agent/supplier here. So that's how it all came about. I started down the DanceSport route in March 2015 and I really haven't looked back. It's been amazing, I have had so much support from parents, who up until now, had great difficulty sourcing shoes, practice wear or competition wear. I now carry a range of shoes from several different suppliers including International Dance Shoes, Topline/Katz, First Position, DSI London, as well as practice wear from First Position and Competition Wear from DC Dancewear. For the more senior competitors and Social Dancers, I am an agent for Chrisanne, who carry and design not only stunning couture gowns but also have a large range of practice wear for both ladies and men, as well as competition shirts/trousers and accessories for men in both ballroom/latin wear. To round it all off, I am now also an agent for Brackleys of London who tailor Mens Tail Suits. And this has led me to where I am now, organising Ireland's First Dedicated DanceSport Dancewear Event. It will be held in The Woodford Dolmen Hotel on November 7th, 2015, and will feature all of the above, with Couture Expert and Dress Designer, Becky Saunders and Paloma from Chrisanne, who will not only expertly take measurements, but will also give couture advice on everything from colour, materials and shape of couture gowns and also help to design your very own bespoke gown to dazzle on the dance floor! Chrisanne will also have over 20 dresses on display so you will also get a chance to see the high quality and beautiful detail associated with Chrisanne Couture Wear for yourself! Mr Tony Bailey from Brackleys of London will also be available to take appointments on the day for the men. He will, again, help in advice, take measurements and orders and will return to Ireland for any follow up appointments necessary. There will be a large selection of shoes from top shoe suppliers, in particular International Dance Shoes, Topline, Roch Valley and First Position, Childrens Practice and Competition Wear from DC Dancewear and First Position and lots lots more. It's really going to be a great opportunity to get everything form head to toe in one shop. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to meet everyone! For more information please see my Facebook page www.facebook.com/studiodancewear or contact me through my Contact Page, http://www.studiodancewear.ie/pages/contact-us-1 and please feel free to pass on to anyone that you think may be interested. See you all on the 7th November!!!