The Vital Role of a Professional Pointe Shoe Fitter
Jul 2023

Choosing the correct pointe shoes is an essential step for any ballet dancer. Entrusting this responsibility to a professional pointe shoe fitter who understands the importance of full body alignment, physical abilities, emotional readiness, and mental preparation can make all the difference. At Studio Dancewear, we prioritize the well-being and success of our dancers

Today it’s the turn of...
May 2021

Today it’s the turn of Dincwear so if you are a senior dance student or a gym goer or just want something comfy to wear, then check it out!   

Why should I wear Demi Pointe Shoes?
May 2021

The wearing of Demi/Pointe Shoes is not something that should be taken as a given, it is not a perk of ballet classes but a bonus.

Little Leather Ballet Shoes 🩰...
Happy International Dance Day 😀
May 2021

Happy International Dance Day 😀 just some of the many many memories and special people I’ve met over the last 6.5yrs with lots more people to meet and memories to make! Cannot wait to see you all s...

So what is a Demi-Pointe Shoe?