Apr 2015

Just over a week ago, Thursday 9th April, I held a pop-up shop in the GB Shaw Theatre, Carlow in connection to The Ballet Barn's Performance of Peter Pan Fairies and Broomsticks. It was so much fun and so busy! I met so many new people who had nothing but good wishes for me and also saw a lot of faces that I had previously met. I actually sold out of hair nets, tights, bun nets and some sizes of ballet shoes, even though I had specifically bought in extra stock! I hope to hold more days like this in the not too distant future. It also brought back a lot of memories from my own teaching days, tiny tots so in awe of the stage and lights, a little bit apprehensive but so excited when they eventually heard the familiar music. Then there were the seniors who just took to the stage like a second home, I actually felt a pang of jealousy, but at least I am still involved to a degree...without the worry of costumes not fitting, getting ripped or worse still disappearing!!!

Thank you to Ms Aedeen O'Hagan and all involved for their continued support and good wishes, I couldn't have imagined a better start. 

Full uniform for The Ballet Barn, Carlow is available now by clicking on the following link